Week of: 7/26/2017


WANTED: BOWLING BALLS, any condition, will pay cash. Dan 970-641-5054, will pick up

WANTED: OLD CARS & TRUCKS 20's, 30's, or 40's. Prefer running or restored, but will consider a project. Have trailer, will travel. Call Errol with details and a good phone number at 970-944-1233

WANTED : Knitting teacher for sweet 8 year old. 970-596-8954

WANTED: WESTERN MOUNTAINEERING SLEEPING BAG wanted (0F-20F). Do you need extra cash, would you like to sell your WM down sleeping bag? I'm interested. Give a call to 970-808-7283.

WANTED: DEER/ELK DECOY (life size) for archery practice wanted. Do you have one you don't use? Sell it to me. Call 970-808-7283

WANTED: Chicken coop with nesting boxes or just nesting boxes. 970-641-5644

ISO: a meat band saw and grinder. 970-641-5644

IN SEARCH OF: Gently used dresser 970-901-5478

ISO used standing seam and/or corrugated metal roofing material. Call 970-985-9300 if you have some you are looking to sell.

WANTED: 1987 or newer Skidoo Alpine 2 snowmobile. Need NOT to be in running condition; need the tracks. 970-641-1709

LOOKING FOR USED BUTTONS all shapes sizes and colors. Free or reasonable price. Live in Lake City but can pick up in Gunnison. Please call Barry at 970-944-1000

WANTED: VW WESTFALIA VAN. I'm looking to buy a VW Westy. 1984 or newer. If you've been thinking about getting rid of your's maybe it's time to make it happen. Email me some pics at kikngar@yahoo.com.

WANTED DOE TAG, please call with price and I will call you back promptly! 970-641-9759 Thank you

CANDLE WAX WANTED: new or used whatever shape, form, condition or color, call 970-596-4440.

WANTED: 3 TV BOXES, 1-48", 1-32", and 1-24". 970-641-4836

WANTED TO BUY: all guitars, any condition, used, vintage, etc. Castle Creek Guitars, 132 North Main, 970-641-2747.

WANTED: used old or new CD DISC'S. 970-596-4440

WANTED: 4 x 12 foot sheet of metal roofing, any pattern or color. 970-641-2845

WANTED: Carbon arrows for archery wanted. 28"-29". Do you have lots of arrows you no longer need? Maybe I could buy them all from you. Carbon graphite only. Give a call 970-808-7283

WANTED : ISO old used brick for a garden project. 970-631-2776

WANTED : 28-30 foot goose-neck flatbed trailer. 970-641-5644

WANTED: Electric tea kettle 208-631-2776

ISO : looking for a kitten for my 13 year old son His cat was taken bye a fox we think or if you have seen a black and white cat and goes bye the name socks please let us know went missing at 301 S. 2nd St. Thank you. 970-641-0643

WANTED: used circular blades wanted 970-596-4440

WANTED : 2 green artificial Christmas tress 5-6 feet tall. Call 970-596-4440

SIX POINTS THRIFT STORE CAN USE YOUR clean, dry, plastic or paper grocery bags! Please drop off at our front counter or donation door. 1160 N. Main St. in Gunnison. Thank you for your support!

MATCHES wanted, any style loose or books 970-596-4440

CB Part time sitter for two kids. Need reliable transportation, good driving record. Flexible hours sometimes short notice for mother on call. Help with summer programs / school transport, Call Erik or Gloria w/ references, 970-596-6160 or 970-596-6900