Lost & Found

Week of: 9/26/2018

Lost & Found

wallets, pets, car keys, pack, watch, bicycle...

LOST AUGUST 17 red rimmed designer eye glasses in a yellow case. Generous reward, 970-641-0993

THE FOLLOWING ITEMS are at the Gunnison Police Department and the owner is either unknown or has not been located. To claim an item listed below please contact the Gunnison Police Department Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and ask for Neighborhood Services. If you do not make an appointment to claim property, you may not be able to claim items the same day. Items not claimed for 1 year become property of the City of Gunnison as proclaimed by City of Gunnison Ordinance Number 7, Series 1992. List of items found in approximately the last 30 days: 18-1495 handgun; 18-1498 hand gun x2 Ahkeli Rembert; 18-1525 purple card holder/wallet; 18-1531 yellow inflatable duck; 18-1533 (sun)glasses, coral ring, plaid shirt; 18-1538 bike lock; 18-1564 knife Joseph Willis; 18-1600 cash; 18-1615 Medicare card Vandervelde; 18-1616 hockey medal; 18-1667 Nikon camera; & 18-1678 wallet/DL Jedediah Lind, DL/Mmj registry card Amanda Brown

LOST IN CB last week - Black wallet with zipper, items inside. Kelly 970-275-9800