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Classification: Lost & Found     Week of: 9/17/2014

LOST: Small squirrel foot with silver loop attachment. Fell off of my necklace. Please call/text if found. 719-337-7779.

LOST KEYS: (probably Meadows park,) the car, house, among others, these are attached to a star keychain, pink car keyless remote and a yellow faux snakeskin keychain. I will be very grateful if you help me to recover them 970- 275-6241 Patty.

FOUND: Device found on the dirt road under the power lines at Hartman Rock's. Call 641-2163 to identify and claim.

FOUND: tie down strap on the Willow Creek road to Vulcan. Call 641-1709.

THE FOLLOWING ITEMS are at the Gunnison Police Department. To claim an item listed below please contact a Neighborhood Services Officer at 641-8242: 14-1339 four gold keys on a Dodge Ram remote; 14-1343 Butterfly ring; 14-1359 wooden yard well; 14-1365 Bell bike key; 14-1365 flash drive; 14-1415 Wells Fargo customer card; 14-1415 Valued employee card; 14-1415 Debit card owner A. Van Stone; 14-1415 Debit card owner Kyle Smith; 14-1415 Visa card owner Lindsey Stayton; 14-1415 Debit card owner Erica Bendixen; 14-1426 Samsung smart phone; 14-1442 Mongoose mtn. bike; 14-1443 Columbia mtn. bike; 14-1444 Roadmaster mtn. bike; 14-1445 Wallet owner Max Davis; 14-1446 Id card owner David Montgomery; 14-1466 Next childs mtn. bike; 14-1483 Coors key chain with three keys on it; 14-1483 Silver house key; 14-1483 Glenn Oaks keys chain with a Chevy key and four other keys on it; 14-1483 one fob with two keys on it; 14-1483 one black key on a cardboard key chain; 14-1483; one silver house key on a purple clip; 14-1483 one handcuff looking key with three silver keys; 14-1483 one Master lock key; 14-1512 wallet owner Mitchell Vallejo; 14-1531 drivers license owner Eddy Alexander.

  LOST: HEAD KILLY SKIS, all red, white "head" text and lettering, very long, very straight, very heavy, VERY missed! Downhill version, can identify. Hiding somewhere in the Gunnison Valley, 970-596-6690 REWARD!

FOUND: 2 tarps (probably blew out of your truck on the way back from the dump). Please call to describe and claim. 970-901-5419

STOLEN: A rust colored roadie bike that was at Taco Bell, if found return to 509 N. Colorado St., or text/call 970-566-6111. No questions asked.

WHATEVER, USA ITEMS: A number of WHATEVER, USA/Bud Light branded items went missing from the Base Area in Mt. Crested Butte over the weekend. An incorrect message was spread that these items were going to be left behind after the WHATEVER, USA event. This was not the case and the Police Department is now looking to recover the property including, but not limited to the following: bean bag toss games, mountain bikes, townie bikes, tandem bikes, coat racks made from skis, wooden Bud Light bottle replicas, logo mats from the bottom of hotel pools, doormats, and decorative chandeliers. We apologize for the miscommunication, but these items were not 'up for grabs' as some may have heard. If you have any of the items in your possession, please bring them to Town Hall in Mt. Crested Butte today. Or, contact the Mt. Crested Butte Police Department at 970-349-6516. No questions will be asked when the property is returned, but the Police Department probably shouldn't find these items in your possession in a week or two, or for sale online. Thank you for your assistance in recovering this property and please help spread the word.

  FOUND ON ROAD: Ratchet tow strap - off Wiley Lane on Road 3114. Also some other small items. Call to identify and claim. 641-3733

$150 REWARD: for the return of large Dewalt table saw stolen from outside shop in alley between Lucas Construction, and Spallone Construction at Bidwell. Call Scott 970-901-0874.

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